strength is never a weakness

At FORGE Physio & Performance, we live by the belief that strength is never a weakness. It's the foundation for achieving greatness. All of our services are designed to fortify your mind and body, making you bulletproof against anything life might throw at you.

Physical therapy & barbell physio

Our Barbell Physio approach to physical therapy goes beyond the traditional methods, focusing on strength and movement to bridge the gap between rehab and peak performance. Our physical therapy sessions are tailored to your needs, aimed at helping you recover, get stronger, and reach new heights of wellness.

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I wanted to come in and see what I could do with my old body. I was injured, and I had to have back surgery so I did nothing for 10 years. Everything has been a positive experience at Forge. I have gained physically, I am very strong, and I had a goal to find out what I could do at my 72 years. When I came here I asked that question and Michael Alzheimer, he told me A LOT. He wasn’t kidding, I’ve made giant strides.

- Ray Green

Insurance List

  • Aetna
  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • First Choice Health
  • Interwest
  • Humana
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Mountain Health
  • Optum Physical Health
  • United Healthcare
  • Medicaid of Wyoming
  • All Workers Comp Insurances

Private personal Training

Unlock your full potential with one-on-one private training sessions which give personalized attention and workouts designed to optimize your progress and strength journey. Forge a foundation of unyielding determination and unparalleled growth.

Private Training: $60/session
Private Small Group: $40/person/session

I think Mike physical therapy wise is extremely focused. He and Chancellor designed a program to help my knees. They also treated my bad shoulder and now I’ve got full range of movement in both shoulder and knees because they designed a program just for me, nobody else. They have taken my lack of strength and probably multiplied it by four times.

- Ottis McMeans

FORGE Fleet Group Sessions

We know everyone’s journey is unique, so our FORGE Fleet sessions include individualized programming aimed to bulletproof your progress. No more generic ‘workout of the day’ on the board; instead, embrace a program tailored to crush your goals and conquer your weaknesses.

Forge Fleet Classes: $400/month
  • 3 sessions per week
  • Billed every 4 weeks
  • Comes with a FREE Open Gym Membership

I'll never forget the day that I was doing my first lift. I was so focused on heading the weight that I didn't realize everybody was watching. And I did the lift, completed it successfully and everybody stopped and cheered for me. And that’s what it is here, it's a family

- Jessica Kaminsky

Open Gym

For those seeking more flexibility with their time and fitness routine, our Open Gym membership provides access to our fully equipped facility for independent workouts. Open 24/7.

Open Gym Membership: $75/month
  • Billed every 4 weeks

Our programming will give you custom workout plans to enhance your training experience and push you toward your goals.

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

You can’t outwork a bad diet. Achieve better eating habits and optimize your nutrition with our monthly nutrition consultation. Our expert nutrition coaches will guide you on your journey to a healthier and balanced lifestyle

Monthly Nutrition Consultation: $100/month
  • Billed every 4 weeks

Anytime I've had a problem Mike and Chancellor have been able to find a way to make it possible for me to continue to do the things I want to do or get rid of the pain that doing some of the things I do causes me. They have been more than capable of addressing pain, strengthening and setting up schedule so I'm ready to go when that time comes.

Kurt Eisenach-

Monthly Programming

Individualized programming for any fitness level or goal. Check in with your coach and send videos to perfect your form and build the strongest version of yourself.

Cost: $100/month
  • Billed every 4 weeks

Meet the Team

Chancellor Perry

Michael Alzheimer

Mason Secor

Amy LeDoux

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