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Chancellor Perry

Co-owner and founder of FORGE.

After highschool he spent eleven years in the United States AirForce as a Combat Medic. During this time he held the title of PTL (Physical Training Leader) responsible for the personal fitness of each member of his squadron as well as the fitness assessments for his entire wing of airmen. After the Air Force, he attended Sheridan College and MSU Bozeman to attain a bachelors in Human Health and Performance. Chancellor is a competitive powerlifter with an elite total that has over ten years of experience in coaching and helping a diverse demographic reach their fitness goals. Chancellor comes from a “blue-collar” background which has helped him in the fabrication process of FORGE EQUIPMENT, which he proudly builds with his own two hands. Outside the gym chancellor enjoys riding his motorcycle, golfing, gaming, fishing, and binge watching Star Trek.

Michael Alzheimer

Co-owner and rehab specialist here at Forge.

He graduated from USCF and was mentored by New York Times best selling author and renowned Physical Therapist/Coach Kelly Starrett of The Ready State. Prior to obtaining his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Dr. Mike was a powerlifting coach. He combines his strength and conditioning background and physical therapy education to formulate a unique hybrid of performance training and rehab principles to not only get his clients out of pain, but to help them exceed their prior level of fitness so that they can bulletproof their bodies from future injury. Outside of the gym and pumping iron, Mike enjoys cheat meals, reading, long walks, hanging out with his cat Loki, and binge watching all things LOTR and Star Wars.

Mason Secor

Head coach of the Forge Fleet Group Sessions & private personal trainer at Forge.

He brings what many personal trainers lack: Mason brings the hype with his ability to create a fun and energetic training environment to his clients. Being mentored by Chancellor Perry and Michael Alzheimer, he is well-versed in training philosophy and rehabilitative exercise. He also offers individualized programming for both online and for in-person clients for whatever their fitness goals. He enjoys golf, riding his motorcycle, playing video games, and you guessed it, working out with the crew in his free time!

Amy LeDoux

Amy is one of the head nutrition coaches at Forge.

By profession Amy is a dermatology PA, having graduated from the University of Colorado and been practicing here in her home town of Sheridan for the last 12 years. Not only is she a nerd with an extensive medical background, she also has a passion for getting jacked and picking up heavy things. As a true powerbuilder, she has competed and trained for both bodybuilding and powerlifting here at Forge under the coaching of Chancellor Perry. When she is not lifting heavy things or nerding out Amy enjoys playing hockey and helping her husband raise their many farm animals (donkeys, dogs, cats, cows, and bird) at their home, aka the LeDoux Zoo.

What sets us apart

Expertise of Elite Lifters

Our team comprises elite lifters who live and breathe the fitness lifestyle. They have the experience and knowledge to implement science into your training and therapy.

Unique Style of Therapy

Barbell Physio is our distinctive style of physical therapy, focused on strength and movement. Say goodbye to standard approaches and embrace a performance-based PT.

A Real Community

We exists to give back to our hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming and deliver the best service to our clients. We FORGE a strong culture focused on improving our minds and bodies through the iron.

FORGE X Sheridan Iron Works

FORGE is proud to partner with Sheridan Iron Works and repurpose the historic building that has been around since 1906. FORGE is turning the space into a private and public gym, coffee house, and testosterone therapy center where new and experienced lifters can come together regardless of where they're at in their fitness journey.

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